About Company

They say that the moment of truth for construction companies comes with age, passing the 20 years of age in this business is a landmark, also, a sign of maturity and solid existence.
Since inception, nearly 10 years ago, we had that in mind, and we have structured tangent Construction to stay, excel, and make a difference in its nominated verticals, where we, the customer, and the environment become one.
We have contributed our cumulative expertise, knowledge, and practices to Medical, Industrial Educational, Administrative, Residential

Our Mission

To provide our customers with valued construction solutions using our espertise in the design, manufacture & installation of building components

Our Vision

Be Fast

The quickest response time in the industry

Be Global

A diversified, multi-national customer and supplier base

Be Connected

Total collaboration within OSCO Group and with the marketplace

Our Values

  • Conduct business with integrity & fairness
  • Focus on our customer’s needs
  • Continuously train our employees & improve our processes
  • Provide quality products & services
  • Reward employees on merit & promote teamwork
  • Maintain safe & healthy working environments

Our Services

We possess within us two minds. so far i have written only of the conscious mind. I would now like to introduce to your second mind, the hidden and mysterious subconcious. Our subconcious mind contains such power.